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Hack Your Shack is the first inclusive sharing platform
for step-by-step instructions around shack, garden and neighbourhood

Lesedi's shack

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Find easy-to-follow instructions for relevant solutions. See what your friends are making.

Lesedi's shack

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Publish your own solutions. Reach many. Document your cultural assets.

Lesedi's shack

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Little hacks, big impact.

The world would be a different place if more people knew how to build a water filter, a smokeless oven or a solar-powered charger with simple means. Our vision is to make low-tech knowledge accessible to everyone - regardless of material resources, broadband connection, level of education or digital literacy. We want to empower with low-tech instructions and a community of makers who inspire and support each other.

We are Inclusive

The Hack Your Shack app consumes little data, is battery-friendly and intuitive to use. Store content for offline use, if you have sporadic internet access. Use the screen-reader if you prefer to have the content read for you. We provide community translations of instructions in many languages.

Prior knowledge, extensive tools or expensive building materials are not required. We use an African server network for fast and efficient service.