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everybody had access to simple innovations like water filters, vertical gardens or solar lamps. This would empower more than 2 billion people suffering from the consequences of polluted water, malnutrition or the lack of basic infrastructure to change their life for the better. Let’s make this vision a reality. Join us on the way into

a more just world.

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Launching in 2022

What we do

Hack Your Shack is the first inclusive web app for step-by-step instructions that makes social and technical innovations accessible to people in underserved communities. We bring together creative solutions of local change-makers, social entrepreneurs, universities and international development projects. By building a community, we empower people to help each other and co-create new ideas.

Our app consumes little data, is battery-friendly and intuitive to use. We allow offline use, support low-literate users and provide community translations in many languages. Prior knowledge, extensive tools or expensive building materials are not required.

How you can involve
and increase your impact

With Hack Your Shack, you and your organisation can reach many more people in your target audience. Without having to develop your own technical solution, you can make your great work digitally and inclusively accessible to a growing community.

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Publish open-source instructions.

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Use Hack Your Shack for your workshops or teaching.

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We can make it. Together.