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Editor's Choice

Fire Extinguisher

Whenever you set your kitchen on fire the next time, you will be happy to have built this fantastic hack

Vertical Garden

You have no space, but would love to have some fresh herbs at hand? This is a hack for you!

Plastic Bottle Cutter

Upcycle old PET bottles into versatile ribbon.

Grey Water Tower

Why waste your waste water, water your veggies instead...

Rocket Stove

A very efficient and smoke-free pyrolytic stove

Bokashi Bucket

Make the best plant fertiliser at no cost


Produce your own building material with plastic garbage. Totally free and good for the environment.

Liter of Light

Bring light to your home during the day at no cost.

Portable Handwashing Station

The perfect companion if you do not have running water – cheap and easy to build

Super Simple Washing Machine

Build your own clothes-washing system. No electricity or running water required.

Flower Pots from Plastic Bottles

Use plastic bottles to grow your plants. Simple irrigation system at no cost.

Purifying Water Filter

Save money and filter your water instead of boiling it

Solar Powered Air Cooler

Use the sun to cool down your home

Stand-alone hand washing station

Fight Covid-19 and build a simple stand-alone handwashing station at no costs.

Working Ram

Very stable working ram made from raw logs and PET tape

More coming soon...

If you have any good suggestions let us know.